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Improve the Future of Education for All

A Collaborative Network of Partners Working to Support Educators Online, On Demand, in the Communities that Need them Most

Today's schools face enormous challenges. In response to an increasingly complex society and a rapidly changing, technology-based economy, schools are being asked to educate the most diverse student body in our history to higher academic standards than ever before. This task is one that cannot be "teacher-proofed" through management systems, testing mandates, or curriculum packages. At its root, achieving high levels of student understanding requires immensely skillful teaching — and schools that are organized to support teachers' continuous learning.

– Linda Darling-Hammond



The current climate for teachers is dire. The introduction of Common Core standards coupled with more stringent teacher licensing requirements, state-driven teacher performance evaluation, and No Child Left Behind requirements compounded by national mandates to ensure teacher quality have left educators emotionally raw, the pipeline of teachers depleted, and the neediest of schools at increased risk.

While funding grants intended to support teacher professional development have been expansive (Race to the Top, School Climate Improvement Grants), none have helped identify any truly scalable, researched and outcome-validated training programs to aid our educators in greatest need -- those serving in Title 1 schools teaching 11 million high-poverty children.

Without addressing these fundamental needs there is risk that the state of education and teacher quality will falter. In the pursuit of improving education for all, there is an obligation to provide equitable training to teachers in the field where they are in what they need most. We seek to convert these challenges into opportunities for improvement across the landscape of education and training. This is the foundation of our commitment: to reduce or eliminate professional development costs for those in greatest need, equalize the playing field for all educators, and implement accessible, data-driven training.

It's time to shift the current paradigm toward supporting educators and reinforcing their role as invaluable assets to our nation's growth and global position.

Teacher attrition costs the U.S. economy up to $2.2 Billion Annually.

“The monetary cost of teacher attrition pales in comparison to the loss of human potential associated with hard-to-staff schools that disproportionately serve low-income students and students of color. In these schools, poor learning climates and low achievement often result in students—and teachers—leaving in droves.”

-- Bob Wise, president of the Alliance for Excellent Education and former governor of West Virginia

Teacher turnover is at an all-time high – 40 to 50 % leave the profession after five years. In Title 1 schools it's even worse – 50% leave after three years.


Over two years, Title 1 schools across the country will be offered training utilizing the simSchool platform. Year 1 will target pilots in high-need districts. Schools will receive access to simSchool, digital resource libraries, support, and custom training courses at no cost. The pilot will seek to offer Digital Promise Micro-Credentials in "Simulations for Teaching and Learning," "Understanding Student Differences," and "Putting Data into Practice" for all participants.

Year 2 will scale up significantly, offering free, quality, equitable training access to all Title 1 schools in the country, a potential population of nearly 3 million professionals who serve over 24 million children. In both years, teams will work closely with schools to evaluate local technology readiness, strategies for incorporating tech into PD, simSchool's impact on teacher believe in student ability, and overall impacts on teaching and learning.

Partners hope to change the national conversation about teacher progressional development and training -- what quality training can cost, how it should be measured, and how it will have a lasting impact on educational outcomes for students and educators in all communities nationwide, fairly, equitably, and with excellence
Join our commitment, our call to action to provide free professional development for teachers in our neediest communities. Together we can improve education for all.

Micro-credentials Free, On Demand, for Every Person that Impacts the Student Experience

Issued in partnership with Digital Promise and with collaboration from university partners, administrators, teachers, aides, specialists and other staff will have unrestricted access to micro-credentials in areas that most impact teaching and learning.

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Improve the Future of Education for All By Increasing Access to Quality Teacher Professional Development Now

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"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops."

- Henry Adams