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the classroom simulator for educators

Through simSchool, pre and in-service teachers, instructors, administrators, and others experience and improve knowledge and confidence in:

  • classroom management techniques
  • understanding diverse learning styles & behaviors
  • analyzing student information and data
  • task design and implementation
  • much more

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Play to Learn

Real-time reports give users and instructors a to-the-minute snapshot of how instruction and communication choices impact the performance and emotions of diverse learners.

  • play sims multiple times and analyze results
  • experiment with sequencing, conversational interventions, and pacing to assess impact on simStudents
  • reflect on personal choices and tendencies over time

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Create and Share

Use simSchool's simCreator Toolkit to create any type of learner, task, classroom, or module you like and share to the Open Library or visit the Library and use items created by other members of the community

  • simSchool can model over 1 billion learner profiles on demand
  • an infinite number of users that can share and play content together in real time
  • gain deep experince with diverse student types

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Join and Connect

Our worldwide community of users spans higher education institutions, K12 school systems, research groups, and other partners committed to improving teacher education and teacher proficiency.

  • join colleagues in using simSchool as a tool for instruction
  • join institutions in making simSchool a complement to field work and practicum
  • investigate how simSchool may enhance your professional development

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